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We provide custom printed bags, film and tubing, with print jobs ranging from single-color suffocation warnings and recycle symbols to complex multi-color images with bar codes. We offer Random Repeat as well as Registered printing. Printed items can be quoted quickly and accurately with pricing and lead times. Call today with your size requirements and talk with our sales representatives to get your perfectly sized bag order placed and shipped today!

Downeast produces custom LD and LLD polyethylene bags, tubing and sheeting from 4" to 150" in gauges of 0.75-8 mil. You can choose from 16 stock colors, 4 venting styles and a host of performance additives.

To optimize clarity and strength, Downeast Packaging-made custom items can be manufactured with Downeast's Smart Tech Bags technology. Medium and larger size items are engineered to provide over three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of traditional low-density polyethylene. Downeast Packaging-made products are exclusively manufactured in the U.S.A. Our suppliers are ISO 9001 registered manufacturers.

All Downeast Packaging-made products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy from sources like wind and solar power.