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Our poly bags on rolls are neatly wound on a 3 core with 1 diameter core plug and manufactured with a durable bottom seal. You'll find 31 sizes of lay flat and 171 sizes of gusseted bags. Stock Items ship within 24 hours! Call today with your size requirements and talk with our sales representatives to get your perfectly sized bag order placed and shipped today!

All our clear poly bags are made of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications. We manufacture our poly bags to exact specification to ensure even wall thickness and unrivaled clarity.

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Tubing Dispenser

Downeast packaging dispensers are made of steel and can accommodate a roll of up to 13.5" in diameter.

Downeast Packaging lay flat and gusseted bags are manufactured with 100% renewable energy from proprietary formulations. Our bags are engineered to provide over three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of traditional low-density polyethylene bags

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• Meets FDA and USDA specifications.

• Made with 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene.

• 202 different stock items, and unlimited custom options.