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Shrink Bags

Downeast Packaging sheeting, pallet top covers and bin liners are manufactured with 100% renewable energy and are engineered to provide over three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of traditional low-density polyethylene bags.

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• Made with 2 mil 3 layer Polyethylene.

• Engineered to provide superior clarity, tensile strength and puncture resistance.

• Available in five of the most common stock sizes.


This section contains 2 categories of industrial shrink products: 2 mil bundling film commonly used to secure heavy, irregularly shaped packages and 4 mil pallet-sized shrink bags. These products are neatly wound on 3" cores. Stock Items ship within 24 hours! Call today with your size requirements and talk with our sales representatives to get your perfectly sized bag order placed and shipped today!

Downeast shrink bundling film is engineered to provide superior clarity, tensile strength and puncture resistance for bundling applications. This film demonstrates consistent shrink performance of 60-80% (MD) and 0-20% (TD). Downeast shrink bundling film is provided in 5 stock sizes, 4,200 feet per roll.

Downeast heavy-duty shrink bags are designed to provide a tight-fitting protective cover after heat is applied. These shrink bags are packaged as perforated rolls of 25. They come in 5 stock sizes for common pallet load applications.

Downeast shrink bundling film is made of 3-layer polyethylene (PE) blend for use with automated packaging equipment with integral heat tunnels for a bull's-eye closure.